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Xara Page & Layout Designer 9.2.3 Build 29638 Full Patch

Xara Page & Layout Designer 9 merupakan sebuah software desain yang dapat memudahkan anda dalam membuat logo brosur, banner, poster maupun material iklan pemasaran. Ini adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk semua kebutuhan penciptaan DTP dan dokumen, anda dapat berkreasi dengan semua teks dan fitur tata letak halaman dari pengolah kata yang khas dan perangkat lunak DTP dengan citra kekuatan pengeditan ilustrasi dan tool pengedit foto.

Software ini juga menawarkan semua yang anda butuhkan untuk memanipulasi teks, seperti memasukkan teks anda di setiap sudut yang di inginkan dan mengatur teks tersebut agar terlihat rapi, elegan dan menarik perhatian orang lain. Selain itu, anda dapat secara bebas mengubah ukuran pada halaman dan menambahkan beragam efek khusus sehingga menghasilkan teks layar yang kreatif.


Highlight: Text Styles
Text Styles are a powerful way to alter the appearance of text throughout your document with just a few clicks. Update an element of your Text Style eg font or color, and all text in your document with that Style applied is instantly updated, helping you create professional looking documents.
Highlight: Spell check
We have included a powerful spell checker offering check-as-you-type, word suggestions and a user-dictionary - so you can focus on designing documents! Find and correct any mistakes quickly and easily, in realtime while typing. Supported languages include English (US and UK), German (Germany, Swizterland and Austria), Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish.
Highlight: 3D Tool
Enhance all your documents with high-quality 3D objects. Turn text, shapes, graphics, and photos into impressive 3D objects with the world's fastest 3D tool, including natural light reflections, shadows and amny other options. Perfect for designing great logos, icons, special lettering and eye-catchers that are guaranteed to attract attention.
Intuitive Page Layout
Page & Layout Designer offers everything you need for professional DTP, combining advanced text controls with flexible page layout features such as drag and drop editing of images and automatic text flow around objects. It adds up to complete design freedom for all your page design work!
Highlight: Royalty-free templates
Page & Layout Designer offers all the tools you need to create your documents from scratch, but it is also packed with ready-made, fully customizable templates to suit all your business needs.
Highlight: Magic Snap
Arranging elements of all kinds (photos, graphics, text, etc.) with absolute precision is fast and easy with Page & Layout Designer!Dynamic "Snap lines" show you the corner points of existing objects and the center of the page when placing your content. Elements can be docked to these lines (just like a magnet), so you no longer need to align objects using manual guidelines.Multiple objects can be aligned next to each other simultaneously, e.g. to create identical intervals between them.
Highlight: Publishing Web Documents
With Page & Layout Designer you can publish your multi-page print document on the web as a single scrollable document - it's easy to view, totally WYSIWYG, and perfect for fast skimming and browsing of long documents or sharing your documents with others, without the bother of PDF. Great for viewing on touch devices like iPADs.
Professional Color & Commercial Printing
Page & Layout Designer gives you access to professional color schemes such as CMYK, HSV and PANTONE® so you can get the colors in your brochure, flyer or poster just right.
Page & Layout Designer includes PANTONE color libraries for use as both spot color and PANTONE process color equivalents. It also offers the ability to produce CMYK color separations. This includes on-screen preview of CMYK and spot color plates, PANTONE color support, spot colors, on-screen printer gamut preview and a lot more. So Page & Layout Designer can produce professional CMYK print results either via PDF/X or via direct four color and spot-color separation via the print dialog.


1. Unrar
2. Install
3. Copy patch ke direktori instalasi programnya
4. Run patch > Klik patch > klik open protein.dll > setelah itu pada tab baru yang terbuka klik open Magixofa_u.dll
5. Koneksikan pc anda ke internet
6. Run program Xara Page & Layout Designer 9 lalu register dan validasi online dengan serial key berikut:
7. Enjoy

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