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Free Download BBM app for android

Download BBM app for android - Good afternoon friends virtual world, how are you all on holiday this Saturday at Nyepi day for the run and soon we will enter the day of the week. Passable on Saturday off, it is comfortable and good for relaxing, kloningsoft admin in Saturday's got a wife and kids pick agenda in the law in the area panginan, temon, Kulonprogro precisely. After a week I stay my wife and my son-in-law let me make longs drugs there. Thank God, today we've gathered back home. The story this post admin wants to share software for BBM for Android application that has a lot of people wear or services android ust got.

Download BBM app for android
is working for us can access the fuel passes through the android that must be downloaded and installed so that you can all fuel to another friend's apartment even if you use android phone. Tau own games android that so many kuranglah complete if there is no fuel applications. Play hard but also not forget the friends, that the usefulness of this software application. The more easier for us to communicate and maintain friendships like a cocoon, aka beautifully kept.

Free Download BBM app for android
Free Download BBM app for android

Features BBM Android Applications

     Free - Does not require a subscription fee (does not need fuel package, just need a regular internet connection wifi even able to walk)
     PIN - still using the PIN as its identifier
     BBM chat with fellow users, be it fuel Android, Blackberry and iPhone hp
     Send photos, files, documents, voice notes and more
     Create a group chat up to 30 people in one group
     Confrensi Chat / chat with beberpa people at once (not groups)
     and many other interesting features [Basically all the features of Android BBM no difference in cell phone with Blackberry]


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