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Tipard DVD Cloner 6.2.16 Full Patch

Tipard DVD Cloner sangat mudah dan cepat di gunakan untuk mengcopy atau mengkloning film DVD ke DVD dalam rasio 1:1, mengompress DVD-9 ke DVD-5 dan mengcopy DVD ke folder DVD atau file ISO dalam kualitas yang sempurna. Terlepas dari kemampuan di atas, Tipard DVD Cloner juga dapat di gunakan untuk membakar atau memburning DVD Folder maupun file image ISO ke dalam media disk DVD. Anda juga dapat memilih untuk menyalin seluruh file atau bisa juga hanya bagian-bagian tertentu saja yang ingin di salin.


DVD cloning functions
Clone DVD to DVD disk - Clone DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5 exactly in 1:1 ratio with all their contents, and copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 with high quality.
Backup DVD to computer - You can also backup and copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO image file on your local disk.
Burn ISO or DVD folder to DVD disk - This DVD Cloner can also create DVD disk from ISO image or DVD folder.
    User-friendly Copy Mode - Users can have three copy modes to choose: Full Mode, Main Movie and Customize, which can help users easily choose the part need to copy.
    Adjust Output Settings
    Writing Speed and Copies -You can choose a best writing speed for your DVD: Max, Min, 2, 4 ... and you can also choose a number for the copies.
    Volume and Target Size - Select your preferred volume and choose size: DVD 5 or DVD 9 for the target DVD.
    More cuatomized options - more options are provided, like remove menu, skip menu, play titles as a loop,action after burning and so forth.
    Preview and Snapshot - Tipard DVD Cloner provides you with a built-in player, which can help you preview the DVD. While during the previewing process, you are able to capture your favorite pictures and save it as JPEG, PNG or BMP formats. You can also set the saved folder or it will be saved automatically in the defaulted folder.
    Fast and convenient
    Intuitive Interface - It provides a most user-friendly interface, which not only provides a clear copy steps but also make a clear catagory for customize copy mode.
    Easy to use - Only several clicks can perfectly complete the copy procedure.
    High compatibility - DVD Cloner is compatible with DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W), DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL as well as DVD folder and ISO.


    1. Unrar
    2. Install Tipard DVD Cloner
    3. Copy patch ke direktori instalasi programnya
    4. Run patch > klik "Patch"
    5. Enjoy

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