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Download Game Jurig Escape PC

This time I will share horror adventure game made ​​in Indonesia name Jurig Escape game lightly. Certainly know already the right? So, the game is about a high school girl who got stuck in a school that is very spooky and haunted. To be able to get out, he had to collect the lost souls by beating some of the typical Indonesian ghost that is on at the school. This game including Third Person Shooter, so we will play with a third person perspective. The gameplay of this very spooky Escape Jurig and make excited, probably because it uses a local ghost. In terms of graphics pretty good, plus the sound effect, which adds to the impression of horror. Interested? Please be downloaded!

Screen Shoot

Link Download

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  1. Hi, I guess that mediafire is a trusted source, could you share info about the downloadable file... what I get is about 600 kb exe automatically quarantined with avg scanner. could you plz share alternative download link, I would love to try this game. also, it would be best if they provide unity i.e. online playable version. is there one ?

    Thanks !