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Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC

Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC
Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC

Games Doraemon For PC
- Good morning kloningsoft pal, this time admin wants to share the game that has been known since the film already exists at a time when administrators were little and cobat kloningsoft also surely know, namely Doraemon. Sebuag doll or a doll robot that can meet the desires of a magic bag that can issue requests. The central character of the film is Doraemon and Nobita. There is no just happened and the story is very much and preferred among the community because it gives inesiatif and Pikit advanced patterns and does not know the despair of the present Doraemon movies have been packaged in the form of games.

Most of us are probably familiar with Doraemon unique animated films, many of us do not know the game, starring a robot cat Doraemon. I do not know who this day, it is good to read an article in which I provided, the robot cat daily made Nobita, Doraemon, and then time to submit - to move because it was done, Doraemon is updated and freshly painted yellow, which is designed to domestic household consumption in a wealthy family. Unfortunately, when the error is the production process. Other robots, such as cats who do not pass the test for the auction for the lower-class families, but the descendants of the family Nobita. Day robot is yellow cat one day, when he saved a family, children, small pieces of the ears of mice, so the robot had to be amputated. Daily cried and cried and tried to revive the ear back to farmers Liquid, but he took the body fluids and eventually disappear applied original blue yellow paint. He also turned to the present: A blue robot cat with no ears. While Doraemon now hatred and fear in mice.

Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC

Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC

Doraemon is a 1986 video game software developed and published by Hudson Soft Nintendo Family Computer in Japan alone. It is based on Fujiko F. Fujio from (the pen name of Hiroshi Fujimoto) Japanese manga of the same name, which later became an anime series and Asian franchise. It was the tenth best selling Famicom game released in 1986, sold about 1.15 million copies in her life. This is the third game created by the license after Doraemon version created for Arcadia 2001 and Epoch Cassette Vision. Although the game is fully playable by the player without the knowledge of the Japanese translator ROM released a Neokid English translation patch for the game.

Free Download full Version Games Doraemon For PC

In this game, Doraemon has to go through three different chapters in order to save five human friends have been kidnapped. Each world is actually a different game in the style and genre of the game system itself, and is designed by a different designer's head. The first chapter is an action game that takes place in the pioneer who travels continuously in all four directions. The second chapter is a shooting game that moves through wicked automatically be in both horizontal and vertical directions. The third chapter is a water adventure game in which every screen is shifted to the next. Each world must be resolved by defeating bosses at the end. Then the player will advance to the next chapter, until the three bosses have been defeated. Power-ups are available in each chapter to enhance the strength and health of Doraemon meter. A power-up of the next chapter can be found in the first two chapters to provide an edge when you finally get there.

 System Requirements :
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: DirectX 7 compatible video card

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