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Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911

Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911
Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911

Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911  - Good afternoon friends wherever you are, this time admin wants to review the adventurous game and solve the mystery that is exciting and challenging. A game called The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911 has been widely played by gamers and received a positive response. You will be spoiled with beautiful graphics and image steady.

Already five years have passed since Bethesda Softworks launched offline RPG game series famous in the world, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (TES IV). Now they have released a sequel called The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (TES V). A series of RPG games are very famous in promoting full freedom for gamers in running the story as well as how to perform various actions or explore in the world of Skyrim is very wide. An offline RPG game genre with rare, features a distinctively-kan like game Massive multiplayer online role playing (MMORPG). In 2006, Bethesda successfully introduced TES IV with models of non-linear story + open ended gameplay that is super stable and they are also accompanied by giving gfx + sound astonishing public. Bethesda Will now be able to repeat to achieve the same success with the TES V, as is the case with TES IV ago ??

Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911
Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911

If the headlines in HIV TEST takes place several months after the main story of TES III, then the story of the story in the TES V takes place 200 years after the expiry of oblivion in TES IV. Then, setting the location of TES V is located in the province Skryim, whose eastern border is adjacent to the province of Morrowind (TES III) and the south by the province Cyrodill (TES IV), the western border with the territory HIgh Rock and southwest by the territory Hammerfell, while in northern Skyrim bordering a vast sea (Sea of ​​Ghost) and the northeast border of the island of Solstheim. The main story in this game still has the same tradition as the previous series, a prisoner without a name just came out of prison, along with the other inmates, they all will be executed by the royal army (Imperial Legion) in a small village in the province of Skryim, called Village Helgen, because it is considered as part of the rebel group, Stormcloak, Ulfric leadership.

Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911
Download Games The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911

Suddenly, there came a dragon destructive agenda of the execution, then when crucial moments, the gamer can choose to receive assistance from one of the royal army of fellow prisoners or other insurgents. During the early years in the village Helgen this, TES V frees gamers would choose any race, shape of the face and body as if desired gamer, want to use any name, age how many, and whether it will want to wear gender male or female (Takada option tuk choose transgender / like, etc.). All free, gamers can also choose about 10 races that inhabit the world TES, which consists of five great nations, namely human (imperial, nord, red guard, Breton), elf (altmer, bosmer, dunmer), orc, khajit (nation gimgim eh cat), and argonian (nation lizard). In this game there is no election job class characters, all standards but each race has a unique character stats beginner by itself, there is a race that is suitable to be a stealth expert (rogue) such as race Khajit.
Some are suitable for fighting (warrior), ie for example Orc race, or no race that is OK to be a witch (mage), namely Altmer. All free players choose to be like. OK, after got one of the aid, so gamers will be able to escape from the village Helgen. Then, with new friends, what a gamer should have to do first, will immediately investigate why the dragon can appear suddenly and ruffled Helgen village? or directly opt for free adventure, looking for new adventures in Skyrim dunai as a free and independent of the prison, or what can we do, it's all up gamer. If the choose to follow the main quest to uncover the mystery of the dragon will attack, so gamers must first come to a small town adjacent to the village Helgen, namely Riverwood to receive further instructions from the new friends.
From there, gamers have headed to one of the major cities in Skyrim, namely Whiterun, and a great adventure for gamers in the hunt for the dragon miestri it will continue to run until the end. At first glance, the story of the dragon hunt by these gamers will look simple and short, but basically not as easy and fast. Because, so serious gamers explore all the storylines of the main quest, players will encounter so many factions that roam the world Skryim. Factions seen in Skryim besides faction Imperial Legion in Solitude and Stormcloak City Windhelm, such is no faction Companion (fighter guild) in White, faction Mage in city Winterhelm, factions of Theft in Riften, faction Dark Brotherhood (Assassin) in Kotar Falkreath, Bard Solitude faction, the faction Eastern Company WIndhelm. In addition, there will be some secret organization, such as the sect Thalmor in town Markarth and agents Riverwood Blade in the city, and some other sects.

Title: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: 11 Nov 2011
Size: 5.12 GB / Split 7 part 800 MB + 5% Recovery record


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