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Alien Skin Snap Art (x86/x64) Full KeyCrack

Alien Skin Snap Art 3 adalah plugin untuk Adobe Photoshop yang berguna untuk mengubah foto atau gambar menjadi sebuah karya seni yang indah dan tampak sangat alami bagaikan tercipta dari tangan seorang professional. Snap Art 3 menyediakan berbagai peralatan menggambar seperti cat minyak, cat air, pensil, dan arang, selain itu tersedia juga berbagai efek seperti impasto, pointilisme, atau teknik seni modern seperti komik dan lain sebagainya.


New Features
• NEW! Improved Realism
Version 3 uses more refined stroke placement to keep edges sharp and reproduce natural texture. This keeps the subject natural and recognizable. If you used Snap Art in the past then you will notice dramatically clearer results, especially on portraits.

• NEW! Detail Mask
Instead of oval focus regions, Snap Art 3 now has a detail mask. This lets you quickly mark exactly where you want more detail. This is great for leaving backgrounds abstract while faces are detailed and natural.

• Wide Range of Media and Styles
Snap Art can draw with a wide range of physical media, such as oil paint, watercolor, pencil, and charcoal. Within those, you can choose from a plethora of styles like impasto, pointillism, or modern art techniques like comics and stylize.

• NEW! Crayon and Improved Presets
We added multiple crayon presets for that messy colorful look. All the presets for existing media types were remade and reorganized to be easier to use.

• NEW! Everything in One Place
Snap Art went from ten filters to just one. Now you can explore all of the media types and styles in one place without switching filters. The entire user interface is redesigned for easier exploration. The presets are always visible on the left, there is a huge preview in the center, and you experiment with your style on the right.

•NEW! Hidden Complexity
There are now presets that control groups of related sliders. This lets you quickly experiment with one aspect of the art, such as color scheme, without having to manipulate four different sliders. We also hid the more esoteric sliders by default so you can focus on just the most important controls.

•Non-Destructive Editing
Snap Art supports a non-destructive workflow, making experimentation easy. Effects in Photoshop are rendered on a new layer, leaving your original image untouched. In Photoshop, Snap Art can be run as a Smart Filter for easy tweaking of the effect after it is created.


1. Ekstrak / Unrar
2. Install snap art 3
3. Copy & paste crack file ke direktori instalasi programnya
4. Run Snap Art 3 dengan mengklik License Activation Tool.exe
5. Run keygen: Pada kolom paling atas ubah ke Snap Art 3 > Klik Generate > Copy License Code & pastekan ke kolom registrasi Snap Art 3 > Next > Pilih Other activation options > Copy Installation ID & Pastekan ke Keygen > Klik Generate lalu copy Serial numbernya dan pastekan ke kolom registrasi serial Snap Art 3 > lanjutkan installasinya sampai selesai.
6. Enjoy

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