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Level Up: Heroes of Neverfail v6 [Apk+Data] Android

Level Up: Heroes of Neverfail The world is being invaded by dangerous monsters and our only hope is … a bunch of secondary school nerds? When the evil wizard Maldark decides to crash the barrier between reality and videogames, only the best clan in the world is prepared to take them on. Join up with NeverFail and accompany the stars of the TV success Level Up by Cartoon Network, combating all kinds of dangerous “escapees” from the virtual world who now threaten the real world. Fight against zombies, orcs, carnivorous plants and dragons in the most easily recognisable places in the show, using the most powerful attacks available to these three heroes. Incinerate your opponents with the powerful magic of Lyle, fill them with holes using Wyatt’s arsenal or hit them in the face with the fury of Dante. Level up and unlock new powers and attacks, and complete dozens of missions on your journey to join the Heroes of NeverFail.


Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+

  • Fight Maldark’s minions using an intuitive control system and enjoy amazing 3D graphics.
  • Choose any one of the three main members of NeverFail, each with their own style of combat and unique skills.
  • Face up to Maldark’s most powerful followers in epic end of level battles.
  • Explore the most familiar places in the series while you come up against all kinds of dangerous (and sometimes hilarious) creatures who have escaped from the virtual world.
  • Level up and unleash new powers, and unlock accessories for the three characters. Who would have said that Dante would look so dashing disguised as a fireman? 
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