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Charity Car Auction

Unless you’re in the business, knowing exactly how a charity car auction works is nothing short of a mystery. Now in reality, if you’re going to donate your car you’re not concerned with anything else but getting your tax deduction and getting it now. But, just in case you do, keep reading!

The sole purpose of a charity car auction is to raise funds for the actual charity of your choice. How this got started was that charities had to find ways to keep the funds coming in to continue their good hearted work but to also do it in a way that wouldn’t cost them a lot of money either.

If you look at it in the big picture there are three persons involved in this being you, the charity, and the buyer. For you, you’re looking at a way to either clean up your yard, get rid of a headache, or get a much needed tax deduction. The charity that you chose, needs operating monies. With the money made from the auction of your car, truck, boat, etc., it goes straight to your charity. The actual buyer, he just gets a good deal.

If you want more information, don’t be afraid to go to the charity in person and talk to them. Find out how much of the auction money do the receive from each donation and where it goes. Another good thing to know is actually how much money they get from the sale and that it’s not getting pocketed by the company that might be handling the auctions for the charity.

Sometimes the charity is like us, they don’t have the time to handle the auctions themselves or locally and contract it out to other companies. This company handles getting the tow truck to your vehicle and bringing it back. Then they clean it up and make it pretty and sometimes make small repairs but only if the repairs will help the resale value. After the vehicle is ready, they then handle all of the auction details. Again what you want to make sure is that these companies are actually getting more money from the sale then the charity is.

Becoming more and more popular are online car auctions for charities. Both the seller and buyer must register on this site and then you can fill out your necessary banking information. The starting price is put up based on the value of it and condition. Hopefully this helped clear the air for you on how a charity car auction works. If not please contact us with any questions and you can check out our tips (link) page as well. Wikipedia has a good article on how a charity car auction works as well.

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