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Donate A Car for Charity

When you are looking to donate a car for charity, there are usually several questions that should come to your mind that we’ll go over in this article. Being armed with the best knowledge is the best and only way you start this off before doing anything.

Why donate a car to charity?

This comes with several answers for some people. A few examples could be that somebody has a vehicle in their driveway or yard that is no longer wanted or needed and the owner doesn’t any other way to get rid of it. The vehicle might not be running anymore and an easy repair can’t get it running (most car donation charities will pick up your car whether it runs or not). Then some might have an extra vehicle that isn’t used but they could use a tax deduction for the year. When the car sells you get to deduct the actual amount it sells for from your current taxes.

How to donate a car to charity. (see How to Donate a Car for more information)

This will mainly depend on where you are located and if your area has a charity that meets your wants as well. You can check out the states we have listed here to see if your location is on there or if you have a charity in mind, you can call them directly and see if they are open to being given a car donation for a tax deduction in return.

Best place to donate a car? (see our locations by state and city)

For most people, where to donate your car, truck, or whatever they want to get rid of can be a preference made based on what touches them personally. If you’ve had a family member or close friend that had a bout with breast cancer then you might look at some local charities that support breast cancer research and support to affected families. This way you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve helped support a good cause and in some ways they helped your friends or family when it was their time of need.

Can you donate a old car?
This is a popular question for most people that think their vehicle wouldn’t be accepted. Believe it or not, your car doesn’t have to be running most of the time for it to be approved for a donation. It’s always best to check with the organization first to make sure but what most of them do is have the car repaired and make ready to sell. Once it’s ready and it sold, they deduct the cost of repairs from the sale price and that amount is what your deduction will be. Other than that, it doesn’t matter how old your car is as long as it holds some kind of value then the charity will take it.

Can you donate a car for cash?
When you donate a car to a charity, they won’t just hand you cash for it. You’ll get a receipt showing that they accepted the car and then your deduction amount is dependent on how much they can sell it for. After it’s sold, they’ll update you with the correct price and make sure you get it in writing for your taxes.

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